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Kill Flies & Mosquitoes INSTANTLY

Enjoy the summer and keep mosquitoes under control day and night. Our Electric Fly Swatter is child-friendly, pet friendly and chemical-free

INNOVATIVE DESIGN:  Our Electric mosquito Killer design to avoid the mosquito from escape and you don’t need to worry about accidental electric shock anymore. Safer for you and your family.

INSTANTLY KILLS FLIES AND MOSQUITOES: the Electric mosquito Killer Comes with a high-voltage electric discharge that kills insects instantly with one easy swat

 EASY TO CLEAN:  Our Fly Swatter Easy to clean after you are done using it. Due to its single-layer design, the flying insects will not be caught inside, so you won't have to do the dirty job of cleaning them off.

 DOCKING STATION: The Electric Fly Swatter included easy to use dock, allows for hands-free bug zapping, unlike any other bug zapper. Not only does the dock securely hold the fly swatter, but it's also a charging base, meaning that your bug zapper will charge & zap bugs all at the same time.

 SAFE FOR EVERYONE: Unlike other mosquito repellent machines and coils, our electric Bug Zapper doesn’t release any chemical fumes or smoke to get rid of them. This mosquito killer swatter will give out a non-glare light that would be a beacon for those pesky insects and stuck them in as soon as they get closer. And it is safe to touch, the outer nickel-plated stainless steel mesh and inner layer aluminum mesh design will not leak electricity and is resistant to deformation. Also without any risk to Kids or the environment.


 "Best fly-killing swatter I've owned so far."

"I’ve had several bug zapper rackets over the years, but this one beats them all hands down! No more chasing a mosquito around the room - just leave the purple light on while the racket sits in its charging base and let the mosquitoes kill themselves. We have one in the media room and can now relax & watch TV without having to jump up and flail at stupid skeeters! I was reluctant to spend this much money, but I’m really glad I did. Now I want another one for the RV!"


  • Name: Two-in-One Mosquito killer
  • Features: Mosquito killer lamp + Mosquito swatter
  • LED Number: 6LED/10LED
  • Charging: USB charging base
  • Battery capacity: 1200mAh
  • Rated power: 5W
  • Racket voltage: 3000V

Package Includes

1 x Bug Zapper And Mosquito Electric Fly Swatter

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